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Each year the Finance Sub-Committee of the School Council deliberates for some time over the financing of the school and its educational programs. The Government provides basic funding   direct to the school, and the community is asked to complement this funding, in support of the provision of a higher quality program.


A booklist is distributed to all parents towards the end of each year. The associated costs include each student’s personal books and requisites, supplies for general classroom use, incidental  classroom materials, basic duplicating and printing costs, paper, art and craft supplies, class texts, book folders and a portion of the costs toward stocking the Library and the areas of Art, Physical Education, Music and Computer Education.


A contribution is requested from parents in order to meet our budget requirements. Together with fundraising efforts, this contribution ensures that equipment and educational aides are provided and upgraded to meet the needs of your children.


Below are the Booklists for each year level for 2021. Please select link to view full details.


Year 6 Booklist 2021


Year 5 Booklist 2021


Year 4 Booklist 2021


Year 3 Booklist 2021


Year 2 Booklist 2021


Year 1 Booklist 2021


Prep Booklist 2021




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