Excursions and Incursions

During the year your child will be invited to participate in various excursions / incursions which are of educational and social value. Parents may be asked to assist with supervision on these occasions. Previous notification in writing will be given, with details, including times, costs and method of transport. All parents are requested to sign a “Consent Notice” for each excursion / incursion.     Parents are responsible for the payment of costs involved e.g. transport, admission etc. Parents / Guardians will be asked to sign a “blanket” permission form to cover local excursions, local walks, etc.


*** All Children (P- 6) must wear school uniform at all times

*** Children will not be taken on excursions without a consent note.

*** All payments must be made by the due date in individually named envelopes.


Payments may be made by cash, cheque, Eftpos (at the school office) or BPay. Unfortunately, no late payments will be accepted. Please do not disappoint your child. If there are financial difficulties, arrangements can be made with the Business Manager or Principal prior to the due date. The actual permission form must be returned by the set date.


School Council policy permits refunds to families only where the activity expenses exceed $10.00 per child. Further policy is that seat belted buses are the preferred transport for local excursions and are to be used on all camps and excursions where the bus drives on a freeway.


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