Attendance at School


Children who have reached the age of 6 years are expected by law to attend Primary School. It is also a legal requirement to explain all absences with a valid reason.


If your child is absent:

  • Please send a message with your child’s absence notification via Sentral.
  • Prior notification of absences should also be sent via Sentral or phone.
  • Absences can also be left on our telephone system - please dial 9789 0077, select option #1 and leave your child's absence details
  • If no notification for an absence is received you will receive a text or email alert regarding your child not being at school. You will need to respond to this message.
  • You do not need to send a written note if you message the school via Sentral or the telephone message system
  • Punctuality is an excellent habit we try to habituate in our children. We actively promote “On time, every time” and seek your support. Children who are late for school must be “signed” in by a parent. 

Attendance Times


It is essential that children are at school NO LATER than 8:45am.Don't forget to 'Beat the Bell!'

It is upsetting to the child and disruptive to the class if your child is late. Children who arrive late must be signed in and collect a late pass from the office.

Children are NOT SUPERVISED before 8.30am or after 3.30pm and should not be at school before or after those times without a parent.

Parents are expected to collect Prep children from their classrooms (external door) for all of term 1.


Children Leaving School Early


No child is to leave the school ground during school hours for any reason UNLESS signed out by the parent (or authorized person presenting written permission). The “Sign Out” iPad (at the office) must be completed before a child will be released by a teacher. This is to ensure we know the whereabouts of all children at all times. All children must be “signed in” on the iPad upon return to school or upon late arrival. Please NEVER collect children during recess or lunchtime, without signing them out on the iPad, even if the classroom teacher has been notified.


Please make every effort to make appointments outside of regular school hours or as close to the end of the school day as possible.


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