Emergency Information / Ambulance Cover

Please note that in the unfortunate instance that the school has to call an ambulance to attend to your child, the cost is met by the family. With any serious injury we endeavour to contact the parent, guardian or emergency contact. However there are times where this is not possible and/or the nature of the injury calls for immediate assistance.

The cost of ambulance transport to hospital from school can be daunting. Cost for children on excursions would be even higher and the cost of an air ambulance, should that be necessary, would be enormous. Families can take out Ambulance Cover with the Ambulance Service for around $100. More details can be obtained by ringing 9840 3500. Some health funds cover ambulance as well. Clearly we hope that there will not be a need to call an ambulance, however it is important for people to be aware of the huge cost associated with this service and the fact that it will need to be paid by the family concerned.


Emergency contact details, family doctor, etc are kept on school records. This information enables quick action to be taken when parents need to be contacted.


It is vitally important to keep all student and family details accurate and up-to-date. Parents are asked to advise the School Office, without delay, of any changes in these details. These details are also held in the School’s Confidential Computer Data Base. The name of a friend, neighbour, grandparent, etc who lives within the local area and is able to care for your child, must be provided as an emergency contact should parents not be contactable.


It is imperative that any disability is known. Please also notify the Grade Teacher so that they are aware of any special needs your child may have.


Children who have Asthma, Severe Allergic Reaction and / or a serious medical condition. MUST have necessary medication at all times. An ASCIA Action Plan (signed by parent/guardian) MUST be on record at the school.


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