KP Group

The Kingsley Parents Group (KPG) is a very important group within our community. Interested parents, teachers and friends meet each month on a Monday.


The KPG has a representative on School Council so liaison between the two bodies is direct. The KPG executive is elected annually after the March election.


The role of the KPG is three-fold:


Firstly, it is a communication link between the community as a whole and the school. It serves as a forum where constructive ideas are developed.


Secondly, the KPG is a social body, bringing together the parents of the school in social activities. It has a role to play in public relations. It endeavours to create a climate of co-operation and trust where those interested can work together for the benefit of the children.


Thirdly, the KPG has a fundraising role. Under its umbrella comes various fund raising efforts and activities.


As an organisation, it strives to co-ordinate and weld together the activities of parents and teachers, and to represent their views as an avenue of communication.


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