School Council

The School Council is the body responsible to the community and State for the general direction of the school. It is through the Council that the community can participate in decision-making at the school level.


The Kingsley Park Primary School Council consists of 12 members of which 6 are parents, 3 Department of Education and Training (DET) representatives, the Principal, and 2 community members, if decided by School Council eg. KPG Representative.


The School Council is the focal point for decision making on overall school policies. It is the governing body of the school. School Councils are constituted as a legal body under state legislation and represent the Crown. The School Council is accountable to the local community, to the Minister and the Auditor General. The School Council is a representative body with an elected membership reflecting the important partnership between school and home. School Council elections occur each year as half of the elected members retire each year. Elections take place in March. Council has sub committees and working parties, which can have non-council members. Parents and friends are encouraged to join these committees.


The Council represents the community and shares a common concern and responsibility with parents and teachers for the education of children. Thus it is essential that mutual understanding, trust and respect be fostered between parents and teachers to the benefit of all concerned with the school.


The Principal, together with staff, determine the educational means of realising the School Council’s policies.


The Council currently meets at 6:30pm on a Wednesday at least 8 times during the year. Visitors are welcome. Meeting times are advertised in the school newsletter.

School Council Members for 2022 :

Gill Gray (DET)

Jessica Hegarty

Vice President                                
Tracy Baxter

Melinda Sales

Jo Toombs (DET)

DET Members                             

Kate Cox (DET)

Matt Brand (DET)


Parent Members             

Linda Blewitt

Brooke Carlton

Tamara Percival

Bridie Turner



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