Principal's Welcome



Welcome to Kingsley Park Primary School.




It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school. I have been Principal at Kingsley Park for
the past 7 years and am extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful school community.

At Kingsley Park, students, teachers and parents work together to seek the best education for all
children through the provision of a safe, friendly, stimulating environment in which learning is
designed to develop knowledge and skills for life.

We offer a strong, engaging curriculum that includes specialist programs in the Arts, Science/STEM, Auslan
and Physical Education, including Respectful Relationships in all areas. We also provide a range of
fun activities including lunchtime clubs, dress-up days and special celebrations, Mothers' and
Fathers' Day activities, and the RACV HPV Challenge just to name a few.

Our aim is to develop active learners who are motivated to achieve their best in all areas and are
encouraged to develop a lifelong passion for learning. It is our hope that you are eager to embrace
the many opportunities that lay ahead as you join us in the journey of your child's education.

I am passionate about the wellbeing and success of every child and ensuring that we provide the
very best we can to see them achieve the very best they can. I am extremely proud of everything we
have here at KPPS;

I am proud of our students as they embrace learning opportunities and aim to achieve excellence in
all that they do.

I am proud of our staff! Our staff are dedicated, passionate educators who have the “whole child”
development as their primary goal. In collaborative teams they plan a wide range of activities to
challenge their students in a supported manner.

I am proud of our community! Our school community work together and embrace everything we
undertake and support us to be a most highly successful educational setting.

The motto I use is “Teamwork makes the Dream Work” – when we work as a team, we create the
dream of providing the best school we can for our students and wider school community. Being part
of the Kingsley Park Primary School community should be an exciting, challenging and rewarding
time for all of us. I work on the theory - we can't change what we don't know so if you have any
thoughts or feedback, I encourage you to share this with us at all times.


Gill Gray


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