Specialist Program

t Kingsley Park Primary School we focus on the following specialist classes:


Physical Education :

  • Scott Gardner

Performing Arts :

  • Rebecca Gilbert

Auslan :

  • Sally Vella

Science :

  • Mai Stodden

Visual Arts :

  • Lauren Charlton



Please read further for me details on our specialist programs for 2021 (Term 3)


In the Science program this term, students will be studying Chemical science in both Middle and Senior grades. 

The Middles will be investigating how solids and liquids change their state of matter by removing or adding heat to them. They will conduct a number of experiments to show how each state changes its shape through experimenting with heat and adding other substances to cool it down. They will gather data to form hypotheses and use their observations to form supported conclusions. Such activities include; making butter, ice cream, igloos, just to name a few. Towards the end of the term, students will design their own experiment to demonstrate their understanding of what they have learnt.

The Seniors will be exploring all the states of matter’s properties and how they behave in different ways. They will be conducting a number of experiments to test the density of liquids, explore how gas takes up space and race various liquids to test the viscosity of them. Towards the end of the term, students will conduct a crime scene scenario, using their knowledge of the states of matter to determine what happened. They will be expected to record their findings and give supportive evidence to demonstrate their understanding of what they have learnt.


Performing Art

In the Performing Arts program this term Preps and Juniors will be introduced to basic drama skills and Whole School Production rehearsal practice of songs and dance. The drama skills unit they will be experiencing allows students to explore different emotions and how they impact people. Students will improve personal and social competence while working with others and by themselves for different improvisational tasks. Students will explore narrative perspectives of fairy-tale characters and how they can put themselves in someone else's shoes. While rehearsal time will introduce them to performing on stage and the skills required to do this.


During term 3 Preps will continue to develop their knowledge of the Auslan signs for family members. They will work to construct short modelled sentences about their family and  participate in games and songs that involve the use of repeated phrases, expressions and actions to develop their repertoire of Auslan. They will also explore Auslan signs for community members and build on previously learnt signs of colours and numbers to form simple signed descriptions. 

During term 3 Juniors will continue to strengthen their speed and accuracy of the Auslan alphabet to assist them in fingerspelling high frequency words and topic specific words through challenges, games and songs. They will explore Auslan signs for food and practice signing to order food and purchase food. They will work to show their understanding of signed stories through drawing, gesture and modelled signs. 

Both prep and juniors will engage in different forms of Deaf art, such as handshape creation. 


Visual Arts

During Term 3 the Middles will explore painting and drawing skills with mediums including pencil, ink and paint. They will learn colour theory of complementary colours and how line creates movement. They will look at how movement is depicted in a variety of artworks and create their own artworks based on the Olympics and the movement of athletes. Students will select ways to exhibit their work with an audience in mind.

In Visual Arts in Term 3 the Seniors will also develop drawing and painting skills with a focus on portraiture. They will look at the Archibald Prize finalists and choose two artworks to compare and contrast. Senior students will focus on inspirational Olympic athletes as a subject for their own artwork where they will explore the art elements of value and form. They will consider how best to exhibit their work to the wider school community to showcase their learning in the Visual Arts.



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