Specialist Program

t Kingsley Park Primary School we focus on the following specialist classes:


Physical Education :

  • Scott Gardner

Performing Arts :

  • Rebecca Gilbert

Science :

  • Mai Stodden

Visual Arts :

  • Lauren Charlton



Please read further for me details on our specialist programs for 2021 (Term 4)

Specialist blurb for Term 4.



In the Science program in Term 4, students will be studying Biological science in both Middle and Senior grades. 

The Middles will be investigating living things, grouping them into specific categories based on observable features. They will look closely at classification, coverings and their dwellings. Such activities will also include designing their own species project, identifying their specific features and how they will survive in their chosen environment. 

If there are any families that have artefacts at home (skeletal, shell cases, bone structures or the like and would like to share them with the class, they would be very welcomed).

The Seniors will be investigating the growth and survival of living things and how they are affected by the physical conditions of their environment. 

Throughout the term they will be experimenting with how things grow, by placing them in different environments and altering their living conditions. Students will also be in charge of creating their own experiment to test living conditions of their chosen item, forming a hypothesis to test and building their own conclusions based on their observations. They will be using their iPads to capture images, collect data, create tables and graphs as well as using microscopes and  petri dishes to examine things closely. 


Performing Arts

In the Performing arts program in Term 4; Preps and Juniors will be exploring Dance outcomes from the Performing Arts curriculum.


Prep                                                                                                                                                                                Using the theme “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” Prep students will explore dance and learn about how they can dance. They will share their dance with peers and experience dance as an audience. The starting point for Dance learning is ‘everyday movements’. Preps will learn about dancing safely and become aware of their bodies’ movement capabilities. They will explore movement possibilities using space, time, dynamics, and relationships. As an audience, they will observe how other dancers communicate through movement. Preps will be introduced to dances found in their local community and on screen.


In Juniors, students will continue their exploration of how dance can communicate ideas about themselves,  their world and will make dances to express their ideas; using the ‘Beach’ as our topic inspiration. They will share their dance with peers and in informal settings, learn about safe dance practice, and experience dance as an audience. Juniors will increase their awareness of the movements their bodies can create and further explore the elements of dance (space, time, dynamics, and relationships) as they make and observe dances. They will extend their learning about how to make dances and respond to feedback as part of their dance-making process.Juniors will be introduced to dances from a range of cultures, times, and locations, beginning with dance from cultures in their local community.


Visual Arts



In the Visual Arts program in Term 4, the Middles will be focussing on the subject of landscapes. They will explore this theme through the media of printmaking and collage and drawing in the initial stages of the designs. Students will study works from artists such as Paul Klee, Vincent Van Gogh and Georges Seuret to compare different styles of landscape artworks. They will create artworks with an audience in mind and exhibit their creations both digitally and in the art room.



During Term 4, the Seniors students will be learning how to become still life artists. They will be exploring this topic through printmaking and collage, with some initial sketch ideas to begin the creative process. Students will study the works of Australian artist, Margaret Preston, and study her changing style and subjects of her work over time.. They will use her works to inspire their own artworks with an audience in mind and exhibit their creations both digitally and in the art room. Grade sixes will finish the year by creating a legacy piece which will be displayed at school as a celebration of their time at Kingsley Park.


Physical Education


Preps & Juniors

During Term 4, the Prep and Junior students will start to play basic team games (such as Kickball & T-Ball) with an emphasis on safety and working as a team through sharing, encouraging and participating in all activities. They will continue to develop their skills in the areas of eye-hand coordination, movement and simple game strategy. The children also learn the importance and role that rules and procedures play in the safe conduct of games and activities. The Preps will continue to be actively involved in the PMP program each week.


Middles & Seniors 

Middle and Senior students will have the opportunity to compete the remainder of their racquet sports (Badminton & Hot Shots Tennis) program that was unfortunately cut short during term 3’s lockdown. This term middle and senior students will also be exposed to the invasion sports of Hockey and Lacrosse. Students will be shown fundamental skills that will lead them to play basic games with a focus on teamwork and fun.

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