Specialist Program

At Kingsley Park Primary School we focus on the following specialist classes:



The Arts, Physical Education, LOTE and Science on a weekly basis.



Visual Arts:

The Visual Arts Program at Kingsley Park Primary School aims to provide students with opportunities for expression, experimentation and the development of skills leading to and appreciation of art and a sense of achievement. 


The Arts Program runs half yearly, with Foundation to Year 2 completing the program in Semester 1 and Years 3 through to 6 throughout Semester 2.  There are two main dimensions in Visual Art, the first is Creating and Making where students explore experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings through making, interpreting, performing, creating and presenting. Creating and Making artwork involves imagination and experimentation, planning; the application of arts elements and principles, skills, techniques and processes, materials, equipment, reflection and refinement. Individually and collaboratively, students explore their own work and works by other artists working in different historic and cultural contexts.


The second dimension is Exploring and Responding and focuses on context, interpreting and responding, criticism and aesthetics. It involves students analysing and developing an understanding of their own and other people’s work and expressing personal and informed judgments on the works of art. Students are exposed to a variety of art techniques, styles as well as the work of many other artists, to use as inspiration to develop their own creativity.


Awards of excellence for Visual Arts are presented at module assemblies, celebrating excellent skills from individual students.  You Can Do It Awards are presented at whole school assemblies to students modelling the school values.



The Science program at Kingsley Park Primary aims to provide students with opportunities for practical hands on science experiments and activities, combined with theory, both written and media observations which fosters student inquiry and the development of thinking skills.


Hands on experiments and activities, include things such as making volcanoes, launching bottle rockets into the air, creating sound machines, just to name a few. With the use of the iPad program, the use of media clips and devices help to tune in students and allow them to record their observations so they can later use them to reflect on what they have learnt.

Students from Years 3 to 6 participate in a Science lesson on a weekly basis and a lunchtime Science club is held for the Juniors. The Science content runs throughout a two year period. The four main areas are; Biological, Physical, Chemical and Earth and Space and explore how science has progressed throughout the years.

Throughout the lessons, students learn to make predictions, form a hypothesis, pose questions, observe, explain and challenge their thinking, helping to broaden their skills and knowledge of the world around them.

Awards of excellence for Science are presented at module assemblies, celebrating excellent skills from individual students.  You Can Do It Awards are presented at whole school assemblies to students modelling the school values.





The benefits of music education are well documented. Music education has a positive effect on all areas of learning. Cognitive and social benefits include language development, communication skills, teamwork, self-confidence and self-expression, and physical benefits include motor skill development and co-ordination.


At Kingsley Park Primary we value music and Performing Arts, and encourage every student to have the opportunity to express themselves through music, dance and drama. Our comprehensive music program covers all learning areas including music theory, learning and playing of various instruments, singing, dance and performance. The Music and Visual Arts program run on alternating semesters, so every student participates in 6 months of music each year.


All students are given opportunities to perform in a number of different mediums throughout the school year. Fortnightly whole school assemblies are opportunities for students to showcase their music skills through both individual and group performances. All students will be involved in our whole school Production in Term Three. We conclude the school year with our whole school Christmas concert and Arts Gala, a great community event.


Physical Education:


In junior Physical Education there is a focus on developing Fundamental Motor skills. These skills include throwing, catching, bouncing, running, skipping, hopping and jumping. Students also participate in games to develop spatial awareness and basic game tactics. Students in year 1 and 2 also participate in Junior Cross Country at school.  Students in Prep also participate in weekly PMP (Perceptual Motor Program). This program integrates Literacy and Numeracy whilst strengthening skills.


In middle and senior school, students develop the necessary skills, game understanding and game tactics relating to different sports including Cricket, Soccer, Netball, Basketball, Tennis and Volleyball. Improving and building on their skills and understanding each year. Students in middle and senior school are involved in House Cross Country and House Athletics which allows the opportunity for all students to be selected to represent the school at District events. Students in year 3 and 4 are involved in weekly Sport. Year 5 and 6 participate in weekly sport and have opportunity to participate in Winter and Sumer lightening premiership against other schools. 

LOTE - Auslan:

Term 1, 2019, marks a very exciting time at Kingsley Park as we begin the journey of learning a new LOTE. In 2019 the prep and juniors will begin Auslan. Auslan is short for 'Australian Sign Language', its a visual form of communication that uses hand, arm and body movements to convey meaning and was developed by, and for, Australian's who are deaf or hearing impaired. This term the preps and juniors will explore how to introduce themselves in Auslan, the signs for the numbers 0-10 and to begin to develop their knowledge of the Auslan alphabet.