Welcome back to another busy and exciting term. We have a lot planned and many exciting opportunities to look forward to.



This term in reading, students will learn about non-fiction texts and build on their understanding of the difference between non-fiction and fiction. Our focus will then shift to exploring narrative texts, in particular fairy tales such as ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, we will further explore characters and setting as well as practise comprehension strategies such as predicting, making connections and summarising.

We will also continue to revise and learn new digraph sounds such as th, ch, sh, ng and long vowels.

The Preps are continuing to build confidence when sounding out small words in books and using their sight word knowledge to read more fluently. 

Preps are learning to extend their writing to include more than one sentence.

They are reminded to always include finger spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of sentences.

They are also beginning to utilise their ‘Writer’s Notebook’ to generate ideas such as writing about their favourite things,

people in their family or what they know about the world.

To support oral language development, Preps will continue frequent turn and talk opportunities during lessons

as well as practising speaking to an audience with fortnightly ‘Bring and Brag’.


At home it is still important that students regularly practise using their knowledge of sounds to read words

during home reading, as well as their sight words.



This term in Number and Algebra, the Preps are continuing to learn about numbers to 20

by counting forwards and backwards, recognising numbers and writing numbers.

As we move towards understanding our numbers to 20, they will learn how to value these numbers

using different materials including counters, MAB blocks, unifix and ten frames.

We will introduce simple addition and subtraction this term, using counting materials to support solving problems.

In measurement, we regularly practise the order of the days of the week and are learning

to connect these days with words like today, tomorrow and yesterday.

The Preps will explore measuring mass and using words to compare mass such as ‘heavier’ and ‘lighter’.

They will also explore using toy money in play and be introduced to some simple 3D shapes. 


Topic: Our Community and Its Helpers

This term we are learning about our local community and the people who help to keep us safe and healthy.

Throughout the term we will be exploring and learning about many community members including paramedics, surf lifesavers and fire fighters. 



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We look forward to having another great term in Prep.

If you would like to contact us further please do so via phone or through the Sentral Parent portal.


Jessie Sinclair (P16)) and Bree Bacon (P18)