Welcome back to our last term of Prep. This year has gone by so quickly, but we have one more term left of exciting learning opportunities.



This term in reading, students will continue to explore how to read with fluency and expression, they are all starting to recognise when their voices need to change throughout different texts. Our focus will then shift to exploring reading and writing for enjoyment, giving the students more choice on our mentor text of the week. Throughout these books, we will further explore making connections with texts, characters and setting as well as practise comprehension strategies such as predicting and summarising. We will also continue to revise and learn the long vowel sounds and the different between long and short vowel sounds. The Preps becoming more confident with sounding out larger words in books using our reading strategies and setting goals.

Preps are learning to extend their writing to include more than one sentence. They are reminded to always include finger spaces between words, a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of sentences. They are also consolidating their understanding of writing a recount - using words like first, next, finally. To support oral language development, Preps will continue frequent turn and talk opportunities during lessons as well as practising speaking to an audience about our weekends with our new take home buddies.


At home it is still important that students regularly practise using their knowledge of sounds to read words during home reading, as well as their sight words.



This term is an opportunity to revise all concepts we have covered in mathematics. In Number and Algebra, students will consolidate their knowledge of numbers up to 20, addition, subtraction, division and using toy money during play. We will have further explore measurement concepts such as capacity (full & empty), mass (heavy & light), basic 2D and 3D shapes and the days of the week. Finally, students will continue to develop their understanding of collecting simple yes/no data and representing this in a table or a graph.

Topic: Living Things

This term we are learning about our all Living Things including plants and various animals. We are immersing the students into this topic by including many hands on experiences. These involve a live caterpillar kit inside the classroom where students can watch monarch caterpillars turn into butterflies, an incursion with live native Australian animals, various sustainability practices, growing our own vegetables in our schools vegetable garden and even an excursion to the zoo!


Physical Education:

This term Prep students are focusing on team games. They will be learning how to play modified Kickball and T-ball. Students will understand the concepts of fielding positions and scoring systems. We will specifically talk about how to show sportsmanship during and at the end of team games. We will consider and discuss how students bodies feel after exercise. There is always lots of tiggy games which help to build skills such as dodging, spatial awareness and strategic thinking.


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We look forward to having another great term in Prep. If you would like to contact us further please do so via phone or through the Sentral Parent portal.


Jessie Sinclair (P20), Scott Bloomfield (P21) and Bree Bacon (P22)