Prep - Term One Overview 

Welcome to Prep! We have had such a successful start to the year with students settling into school quickly. Students are separating from their parents beautifully and we are proud of how happy they are to be at school.
This term we have a heavy focus on phonics - learning the most common sounds the letters of the alphabet make. We will be learning 3 sounds a week and will begin to learn to blend these sounds together to make small words (eg. b-i-g = big). The students are beginning to explore books and will be starting to track the words being read with their finger, recognise letters and sight words within the texts we read. Using this information they will begin to understand that texts can tell us different stories and information. 
During writing sessions, students are developing their understanding that written texts are used to communicate thoughts. We will be learning how to form the shapes that make our letters using the Hartley Knows Handwriting program and will begin to form letters later in the term.
 This term in Numeracy, students are working on counting forwards to and backwards from 10 together with organised 1-to-1 correspondence when counting and making patterns. We are focusing on naming and identifying two dimensional shapes and following directions for moving objects. We will finish off the term by knowing how to make tally marks and collecting basic data using yes/no answers.
We encourage parents to support their children to understand maths by practising maths in everyday real life situations, for example, collecting objects from outdoors and counting them, making patterns with their toys, measuring items when cooking etc. 
Topic: Getting Along 
As the Preps settle into their new school environment, we are focusing on learning different social skills to assist them with play out in the yard and when working with others in the classroom. We will learn about identifying and correctly managing different emotions using the Zones of Regulation and the Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships program.
We look forward to continuing a great first term in Prep. If you would like to contact us further please do so via phone or through the Sentral Parent portal.
Hannah Wight, Sally Vella and Alysha Mayne





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