Junior School

Junior School
Term 1 - 2020

Welcome to Term 1 2020. We are looking forward to a successful, productive and exciting year.
We have our swimming booked at PARC  for Week 4 commencing 15 February 2020.


In Term One, our focus will be on solving words using our ‘Decoding Dragon’ strategies. Students are guided to look at the whole word to make letter-sound connections. They will also focus on retelling a story in sequence looking at characters, setting, beginning, middle and end. In writing, students will be busily practising and improving their letter formation and stamina. They will review what makes a simple sentence and placement of punctuation. This year, Smart Spelling will be introduced in our classrooms. Each week, students will be learning a sound that will be placed in their Take Home Reading Books for them to practise daily. For those children still learning their sight words, these will also be placed in their Take Home Reading Books.

Please remind your child to bring in their Take Home Reading Wallets and to change their books daily. We encourage parents to read with their child daily.


In Term One, students will focus on the many facets of place value, in particular, reading, making, writing and ordering numbers to either 100 (Year 1 standard) or 1000 (Year 2 standard). They will have opportunities to group numbers in tens and ones and to also regroup numbers. Students will also practise their skip counting and looking for patterns in numbers. In Measurement and Geometry, students will explore measuring with informal units, telling time to the half-hour and 1/4 past / to and learning the features of 2D shapes. 

We encourage parents to support their children to understand maths by practising times tables and quick addition and subtraction facts and using maths in real-life situations, for example, using small amounts of money at shops and working out change, weighing items when cooking etc. Students can continue to practise skills using their Mathletics account. A fun and engaging activity for families to explore is the Victorian Maths Challenge site found at https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/events/vmc/Pages/default.aspx


This term our topic is focusing on Rights, Responsibilities and Respectful Relationships. We are looking at the school values and how we can best encompass these in our school lives. We are building strong connections between the students, teachers and community. Students will be exploring emotions, emotional triggers, acts of friendship and kindness and will include our whole school focus on Harmony Day in March.

Problem Solving

Problem-solving will become a part of our fortnightly planner where children are exposed to different strategies to support them in solving mathematical problems. Our focus this term will be on guess and check, act it out and draw a picture. 

Guess and check strategy is a process that requires students using logic to make educated guesses about problems and checking their answer. This process is repetitive with students improving their guesses each time getting closer to finding the answer.

Act it out strategy helps students to comprehend the real-life purpose of the problem encouraging connections to the world through maths.

Draw it strategy is another way to help students see the problem and improves understanding of the process, it can develop important skills for more sophisticated strategies later in learning.


Homework in the Junior school includes:

  • daily reading
  • spelling words
  • sight words


Students will further enhance their previous learning by developing their movement skills of skipping, running, jumping, hopping and dodging. There will be a particular focus on students practising and improving throwing and catching skills through the use of small group rotations this term as well as developing other motor skills such as kicking, bouncing and overarm throwing. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in games that help to enhance their movement patterns, decision making and challenge themselves along with team challenges. 

Performing Arts

In the Junior school, students will be encouraged to continue building upon the knowledge and skills learnt in the previous year. Students will develop an understanding of beat and rhythm through dance. They will also learn to express their feelings through drama and experience puppetry, mime, acting and performing. 


Juniors will continue to develop their fluency with the Auslan alphabet through games, songs and hands-on activities.  They will strengthen their knowledge of handshape formation and orientation. Students will work to increase their vocabulary to assist them in signing structured sentences about themselves to include distinguishing features such as hair colour, eye colour and age. 

General Expectations

  • Students can enter their classroom from 8.30am to organise their learning materials.
  • Students are to arrive on time everyday wearing full school uniform.
  • Students aim for 100% attendance, unless unwell.
  • Parents and caregivers to remain outside the Junior Learning Centre until the bell goes at 3.15pm as the centre is used as a learning space.
  • Students are required to wear a school hat from September 1 to April 30 at morning recess and lunch breaks as part of our Sunsmart Policy.
  • Module assemblies will begin at 2.35pm in the Junior Learning Centre.
  • Whole school assemblies will begin at 2.30 in the hall.
  • Communication with teachers; appointments can be made or messages sent through Sentral,  parents can see teachers each day outside of learning time (between 8.30-8.45am or after 3.15pm) or call and leave a message and teachers will return your call as soon as they can.
  • Students to always do their personal best with their learning.

From the Junior Team:

Hannah Wight J17

Felicity Dexter and Kellie Fillis J20

Trish Papettas J21

Kieron Quick J22

Sam Bond J23