Junior School

Junior School Update

Term 4, 2019

All too soon, the final term of a very productive year approaches. Luckily, we still have a few exciting events to look forward to, including our swimming at PARC and the Colour Run, as well as plenty of revision time to allow for consolidation of all the valuable learning that has taken place over this year.


In Term 4, our focus will be on revising the different structures of texts and understanding that each one contains different features depending on its particular purpose. The children will be busy investigating the different components of a sentence and exploring the importance of nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives. They will practise using connectives to create compound sentences from two simple ideas and work on appropriate punctuation. Our phonics groups will continue and children will be able to further develop their understanding about the sounds produced by different letter combinations. Writing focuses will include using interesting vocabulary to create or recreate imaginative texts, as they experiment with character descriptions, settings and plots. Students will continue to use the writing process when editing and improving their writing.


Term 4 will offer the opportunity for our Junior students to revise the many facets of place value within counting, pattern, fraction and process (addition, subtraction, division and multiplication) tasks. We will explore Australian coin and note values and practise counting collections to find a total. Our science based topic will offer opportunities for the children to use their developing statistics skills to record and graph results. Summer offers a wonderful opportunity for us to get outdoors and explore the math in our environment. Measuring capacity in the sandpit, finding 2D and 3D shapes around our school and following directions on maps are just some of the fun we’ll be looking forward to.


Next term our topic is called ‘Science- What’s That Sound?’ Our investigations will help us to understand how sound is produced and heard. Junior students will be able to pose questions, make predictions and test outcomes. They will take part in activities that will encourage them to explore and contemplate possibilities, make observations and state conclusions based on what they have experienced. They will learn to follow steps during their investigations and think about the designs and materials needed to produce sound.

Problem Solving and STEAM

Problem solving and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) remain favourite brain-teasing challenge times for our Junior students. Throughout the year, when problem solving, they have shown an increased willingness to take on mathematical problems and use various strategies such as, using a table, guessing and checking, drawing a picture, utilising materials or acting the problem out when trying to solve it. In Term 4, the Juniors will continue to work on these skills and trial their ideas during problem solving and STEAM activities. Within all sessions, they are encouraged to share their ideas and discuss possible changes when ideas don’t work. These types of activities encourage our children to co-operate and develop resilient and persistent thinking habits.

Term 4 2019: Physical Education


Junior Physical Education:

This term Year 1 and 2 students will gain lots of experience in Athletics activities. Students will learn basic skills and rules using modified equipment. We will use filming techniques to improve our skills and investigate if students are performing activities correctly. This is particularly important for year 2 students as next year they will be involved in House Athletics program.  Students will discuss how their body feels when completing exercise and what happens in their body when completing exercise. Towards the end of term students will focus on skipping skills. As always there are lots of tiggy games and game weeks for students to enjoy and for them to practice other skills.

The junior team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our parents who have willingly offered their time to help both in the classroom and on excursions.

We are very grateful for your support and for the difference you can make to a child’s school experience.

From the Junior Team,

                        Sam Gilchrist (J2), Hannah Wight and Kate Cox (J3), Bec Gilbert (J4),                                                          Leonie Heeley (J5), Kellie Fillis and Felicity Dexter (J6)


Term 3 (2019)

Welcome to Term 3! We have another busy term ahead with lots of learning, excursions and our Whole School Production.



In Reading this term we will be looking at the features of Fiction and Non-Fiction Texts to assist children in identifying key features and comprehend both make up stories and books including facts. We are also looking at reading and comprehension strategies of; synthesising, analysing and critiquing. In Phonics, we're looking at spelling choices, counting sounds in words and hearing syllables in words. revising long vowel sounds and sorting these into spelling choices. In Writing, we will continue to focus on persuasive writing and then move into writing Information Reports, we will link our knowledge of non-fiction texts to assist when researching for our Information Reports. Through the writing process we will also look at how to edit and improve our writing.



This term we will be learning about division; sharing items evenly and multiplication by making links between repeated addition and making 'groups of' to assist children's understanding. We will also continue to revise addition, subtraction and place value. In measurement we will investigate mass through hands on activities and telling the time on both digital and analogue clocks to the hour, half hour and quarter past, quarter to. 


Topic - History: Past and Present

This term we will begin to look at the history of our local area and how the local community has changed over time. We will investigate school today and make comparisons to school when our parents and grandparents where in Primary School. We will head to Old Gippstown - Moe for our excursion where we will further investigate our history; looking at school in the 1800s, along with what life was like in general. As a part of this terms topic we will have a Grandparent's Day where children will interview their Grandparent's about life when they were children to assist them in preparing an oral presentation. We will also do some other fun activities with our Grandparents. 

Problem Solving & STEAM
This term we will continue to learn about Problem Solving strategies with a focus on Guess & Check and Act it Out/Use Materials. During problem solving children are given an open-ended question and encouraged to use strategies to work their way through the problem to find a solution, the focus is often on the strategies and thinking used rather than the solution.
STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) encourages children to use their creative and critical thinking along with problem solving skills. Children will be involved in a range of activities throughout the term where they need to work collaboratively within a group to develop a plan, use materials to create and resources to test their successes. 


A reminder that classroom doors are open from 8:30am for students to come in and get organised for their learning time to begin at 8:45am. 


Please feel free to speak to any of the Junior Team teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our doors are always open! 


From the Junior Team,


Sam Gilchrist (J2), Hannah Wight (J3), Bec Gilbert (J4), Leonie Heeley (J5), Kellie Fillis and Felicity Dexter (J6).