Junior School

Term One

Welcome back to school for 2019! 



In Reading this term we will be looking at reading strategies to help children decode (read) unfamiliar words. We will also focus on comprehension strategies of retelling the story, making connections and reading with fluency and expression. In Phonics, we're revising long vowel sounds and sorting these into spelling choices. We will then move into counting the number of sounds in words to help with spelling the words. In Writing, we will focus on recount writing about personal events and then move into learning how to write a narrative. Through narrative writing we will look at developing characters and including a problem/solution and series of events. Through the writing process we will also look at how to edit and improve our writing.



This term we will be learning about Place Value looking at numbers initially to 100, then 1000 and beyond. We will look at how these numbers are made with thousands, hundreds, tens and ones. We will also be looking at formal and informal measurement and the chance of events occurring in Chance and Data.



Topic - Intercultural Studies

This term our topic focuses on developing our understanding of the world around us by looking at the range of cultures and backgrounds which make up our school and Australia. We will explore what school is like for children around the world and discuss the similarities and differences to our school, we will also look at traditional games children play around the world. We will complete our topic with a module rotation where children will move around the junior classrooms to become experts on a range of countries.


A reminder that classroom doors are open from 8:30am for students to come in and get organised for their learning time to begin at 8:45am sharp. 


Please feel free to speak to any of the Junior Team teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our doors are always open! 


From the Junior Team,


Sam Gilchrist (J2), Kate Cox (J3), Bec Gilbert (J4), Leonie Heeley (J5), Kellie Fillis and Felicity Dexter (J6).