Junior School

Junior School

Term 3 - 2020


In Term Three, our students will continue to focus on solving words using the ‘Decoding Dragon’ strategies. Students are guided to look at the whole word to make letter-sound connections. We will also be looking at syllables with a focus that every syllable must contain a vowel sound. We will also be immersing the students in reading Non-Fiction texts and analysing the features, structure and language of these texts. In writing, students will continue to practise and improve their letter formation and stamina whilst continuing to build on their sentence structure. Our writing text type focus will be Information Reports and Narratives. In Phonics, we will revise long and short vowels, then we will move on to r control vowels (ar, air, ear, er and or). Our Smart Spelling sounds each week.



In Term Three, students will focus on division (sharing evenly) and multiplication. In Measurement and Geometry, students will explore slides, flips and turn and then measuring area and perimeter. We encourage parents to support their children to understand maths by practising times tables and quick addition and subtraction facts and using maths in real life situations, for example, using small amounts of money at shops and working out change, weighing items when cooking, etc. Students can continue to practise skills using their Mathletics account. A fun and engaging activity for families to explore is the Victorian Maths Challenge site found at https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/events/vmc/Pages/default.aspx


Our Junior students will be playing team oriented games of t-ball and kick ball. They will focus on what is the best way to maximise points for their team. Junior students will also focus on how to improve fielding to stop the other team getting points. We will continue to play lots of games which will help to improve fitness and we will discuss the health benefits of these activities.



Juniors will continue to develop their fluency with the Auslan alphabet through games, songs and hands on activities.  They will strengthen their knowledge of handshape formation and orientation. Students will work to increase their vocabulary to assist them in signing structured sentences about themselves to include distinguishing features such as hair colour, eye colour and age. 


From the Junior Team:


Hannah Wight J17

Felicity Dexter and Kellie Fillis J20

Trish Papettas J21

Kieron Quick J22

Sam Bond J23