Senior School

Welcome to Term 1, 2020

Welcome to Term 1, 2020 in the Senior School. We look forward to an exciting Term ahead, getting to know our students and building positive learning environments in our classrooms. 


Our literacy focus this term is developing and improving our reading strategies and understanding how texts vary in purpose, structure and language. We are reading ‘Ugly’ as our classroom text, a beautifully written book by Robert Hoge, which will support students’ understanding of imaginative texts. Students will continue to build on their vocabulary, focusing on using descriptive language in writing to help their reader ‘sense’ the story. Smart Spelling lessons will be held weekly, giving students the opportunity to practice these words at home each night. 


In Mathematics, we will be working across all three mathematical strands and building our knowledge of The Four Operations, Decimals, Time, Length, Area and Data Representation. Students will also continue to develop their critical thinking skills working collaboratively to solve mathematical problems using a range of strategies. We encourage every student to continue to work on their multiplication facts and practice mathematical concepts on Mathletics at home, to further strengthen their understanding. 


Our Inquiry topic is focused on ‘My Emotional and Physical Health’ where students will reflect on how emotions and behaviour are connected and how their understanding of this can lead to building positive relationships and resilience.  The seniors are enjoying being buddies to the preps, and are supporting them in either PMP or participating in classroom activities.

In Physical Education, students will practice and refine their skills, building on previous knowledge and skills associated with each sport. Gameplay of Cricket and Tennis will be the focus in Term 1. They will discuss different tactics for improved success. Students will participate in senior school sport choosing; Volleystars, Cricket, Basketball or Softball. They will compete against other schools in the Summer Lightning Premiership. House Cross Country will also occur this term where students will be selected for the district team. There will also be an opportunity for year 6 students to participate in a teacher vs student competition at lunchtime. 

In Science, students will be investigating how circuits work, what produces electricity and how energy can be transferred to another place and then transformed into another form of energy. Students will be exploring and creating simple circuits using batteries, LEDs, adhesive copper tape and play doh. They will also be investigating how light switches work.


Term One Dates:

11 February: Internet Safety Day 

12 February: Kingsley Park Community Night – Meet the Teacher

14 February: Student Leadership Afternoon Tea

20 February: Excursion to Mt Erin

11 March: School Photos

19 March: House Cross Country 

21 March: Harmony Day