Senior School



Welcome to Term 3, 2020 in the Senior School. This term we will look forward to working with students in the classroom and hope that COVID-19 restrictions will ease so that our senior students can attend events that they may have missed in Terms 1 and 2 including district athletics, cross country and the girls’ footy gala day. As we reflect on our time in remote and flexible learning, we anticipate students will continue to engage in learning tasks with the same enthusiasm. 


Our English focus this term will be developing and improving our reading strategies, in order to better comprehend texts. These strategies include searching for and using information, solving the meaning of unfamiliar words and making connections between different kinds of texts. We will be having a close look at reading and writing informative and persuasive texts. This will be a great chance for students to apply their knowledge of persuasive techniques, such as repetition, rule of three and hyperbole. Weekly lessons in SMART Spelling will continue in order to support students in building letter-sound knowledge and in their ability to apply their spelling knowledge in daily writing.


In Mathematics, our Number & Algebra focus will be using addition and subtraction to describe, continue and create patterns with decimals and whole numbers. Students will be also exposed to solving problems involving addition and subtraction of fractions with the same or related denominators. 

In  Measurement & Geometry students will explore tessellations, translations, reflections, rotations and symmetry of two-dimensional shapes, and use conversions between units of length, mass & capacity. Students will also continue to develop their critical thinking skills working collaboratively to solve mathematical problems using a range of strategies. We encourage every student to continue to work on their multiplication facts and practice mathematical concepts on Mathletics at home, to further strengthen their understanding. 

INQUIRY TOPIC - GEOGRAPHY 'Global Connections between People and Places'

Our inquiry topic this term is focused on integrating Geography across other learning areas such as English and Maths, where students will explore the interconnections between people and environments. They will examine how environmental characteristics such as climate and landforms influence the human characteristics of places, and how human actions influence the environmental characteristics of places. They will also examine how human decisions and actions influence the way spaces within places are organised and managed. They learn that some climates produce hazards such as bushfires and floods that threaten the safety of places and gain an understanding of the application of the principles of prevention, mitigation and preparedness as ways of reducing the effects of these hazards.



Term Three Dates
(These events are TBC due to COVID-19 restrictions)

13 July:    Girls Footy Gala Day (TBC)

22 July:    Parent Information Night - ‘Body Education’

11 August:    Catch Up Photo Day 

12 August:    Science Incursion - ‘The Marine Team’

24 August:     Book Week 

27 August:     Incursion - Body Education Session 1 

3 September:    Incursion - Body Education Session 2 

7 September    District Athletics

10 September     Incursion - Body Education Session 3