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Welcome to Term 4, 2021 in the Senior School. Term 3 saw our amazing Senior students adapt quickly and successfully to remote learning and produce some excellent work. We are cautiously optimistic about being able to return to being onsite at school from the beginning of term. Once again, incursions and excursions, camp and production were pushed  into Term 4, unfortunately the fair has been postponed until 2022. We hope to ensure that Senior students get to have the positive experiences they deserve, especially the Year Six students who are spending their final term of primary school at Kingsley Park. Thank-you to all the parents and helpers for your continued support.



In English we are continuing to revise our understanding of the language features used in narratives, persuasive and informative texts.Students will explore poetic text features and be able to identify the relationship between words, sounds, imagery and language patterns in narratives and poetry such as ballads, limericks and free verse. The focus for persuasive texts is identifying opinions and facts; main messages and target audiences. The focus in informative texts will be on locating specific information and summarizing. Students' writing complements our reading. Weekly spelling is based on developing skills and practice at writing increasingly complex words, including those with common and uncommon letter patterns using word origins, base words, prefixes, suffixes and spelling generalisations.




In Mathematics, we will be revising work across all three mathematical strands. We will begin the term with Number and algebra, fractions and decimals, percentages and ratios, and four operations. Measurement and Geometry skills to be revised are Mass, Length, Capacity and Volume and Angles. Finally, in Number, BODMAS skills will be taught. We encourage every student to continue working on all four of the mathematical operations at home; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These can be practised using Mathletics and My Numeracy.




Our Inquiry topic is focused on looking after ourselves and others. Our outdoor adventure camp will enhance students' skills of resilience, persistence, confidence and getting along with others. We are also fortunate to have the Melbourne Football Club (soccer) provide a series of lessons on programming robots, where students work collaboratively to develop their STEAM skills.

The Resilience, Rights and Respectful relationships topic is Help Seeking Behaviours where students recognise the influence of emotions on behaviours and discuss factors that influence how people interact. As well as, describe their own and others’ contributions to health, physical activity, safety and wellbeing.




Our students will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of games, activities and sports this term including:

  • Senior Sport on Thursday afternoons





Monday 4th October- First day of Term 4.

Tuesday 5th October- Divisional Athletics Casey Fields

Monday 12th October- House and School Captain speeches

Tuesday 26th October- Holocaust survivor talk

Wednesday 27th October- Regional Athletics Casey Fields

Friday 29th October- Child Safety Day-Day for Daniel

Tuesday 2nd November- Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

Wednesday 24th November- Grade 5 Beach Day

Thursday 25th November- Grade 6 Beach Day

Tuesday 30th November- Senior School Beach carnival day. 

Friday 3rd December- Whole school transition morning

Tuesday 7th December- Statewide transition.

Thursday 9th December- Dromana Drive in to view ‘The X Factory’ and Christmas Gala.

Friday 10th December- Grade 6 Market day

Tuesday 14th December- Grade 6 Graduation

Friday 17th December- Last day of Term 4.           






Ms Elle Sullivan                     S9                       Mrs Stephanie Van Twuiver            S10

Mrs Lynda Cameron             S12                     Mr Paul Leslie                                    S13



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