Middle School



Welcome back to a great year of learning in the Middle School. Students have settled in well and are enjoying all the learning experiences set before them. As well as the iPad program which is new for the Year Three’s, there is also a variety of lunchtime programs and of course being a buddy to a Year One or Year Two student is always a highlight and the excitement in anticipation of the school Carnival on 22nd March. Please don’t forget, “no hat, no play” remains in effect until the end of April and to bring a drink bottle, snack, lunch and fruit each day.


Our writing focus is on Narratives and Expositions. Students will continue to bring home Big Write talk homework to support their writing. In reading we will continue to look at different reading strategies. We will focus on how to choose a good fit book, what makes a good reader and how readers get better over time. Our main areas for reading comprehension include: identifying the purpose, audience and structure of   different types of texts, features of different literary texts, language devices used in literary texts and  interpreting, analysing and evaluating a range of texts. We encourage the use of Reading Express English Workshop Skills on iPads to assist with spelling strategies and also nightly reading of their lexile levelled book from the library.

Our class novel is ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing’ by Judy Blume, a story about Peter, a nine year old boy who lives in an apartment in New York near Central Park and his hilarious  adventures with his very annoying younger brother ‘Fudge”.


In Term 1 Mathematics, our focus is on the following areas: place value, renaming and  regrouping numbers and fractions & decimals (including money & financial maths). We will  also be focusing on: creating and understanding maps, using scales,       legends and directions and telling the time to the minute and converting units of time. The Statistics focus is on data representation and interpretation. We strongly encourage the regular use of Mathletics at home (where possible) to practise these areas as well as using Mathletics Live to practise number fluency and times tables.


Our Term 1 topic of enquiry is Respectful Relationships. This involves activities around managing stress and includes: defining stress, time management skills, calming and coping skills, confidence and resilience building and relaxation techniques.


Our classrooms are open from 8:30am each morning for students to get themselves organised so learning time can start promptly at 8:45am. Please arrive on time to ensure learning time.


SCIENCE UPDATE - Middle School

In the Science program this term, students will be studying Biological science. The Middles will be investigating how living things can be be grouped based on their observable features and distinguishing them from non-living things.

Throughout the term they will investigate what classifies a living thing, how it can differ in species and how it can sustain life in its particular environment. We will be growing plants and using magnifying glasses, microscopes and slides to look closely at features of animals and vegetation. If there are any families that would like to donate any animal coverings they may have at home, please don’t hesitate to come see me. You can find me in Room 7, next to the Music Room and Gym hall.

As the Science program is a fairly new addition to Kingsley, I am constantly looking to add to our science resources. It would be greatly appreciated if there are any families that would like to help out by donating any of the following items, such as:

Measuring cups and spoons
Pop top lids

Zip lock bags
Hot wheel cars

Bottle caps
Cotton wheels
Counters Film canisters

Glass jars with lids
Plastic animals
Wooden Pegs

Ice cream containers 1L /2L
Medicine cups

Golf balls / tennis balls/ ping pong balls

Or anything else deemed science related.


PE UPDATE - Middle School


Students will participate in Cricket and Tennis units. Students will practice skills

associated in each sport learning, building and refining their skills. Students will

participate in modified games to help understand major game rules and game play.

House Cross Country will also occur this term with students being selected for the

District team.

VISUAL ARTS - Middle School

This term the Middle students are learning about printmaking. They have been studying fish, identifying ‘what makes a fish, a fish’. In pairs or individually they have been creating a poster of a fish, using images from other artists to support their work. Together the class will then analyze the artworks, identifying aspects that they like, dislike as well as acknowledging which art principles and elements have been used. Finally, students will then design and create an image of a fish, using the ideas from earlier lessons. This image will be copied onto a foam template for printing – where a focus will be on the techniques of printmaking, as well as colour selection. Artworks will then be created both individually and collaboratively using their fish prints.