Middle School


Welcome back to the 2020 school year! We hope everyone had some time to relax over the break. We are excited to be back and look forward to working with your children this year. In the classrooms we will continue to incorporate our school values which are Respect, Community, Resilience, Excellence and Co-operation. We are strongly committed to working together to promote and build a genuine high level of respect amongst all members of our community for each other, personal belongings and our learning environment. We have high expectations of all children and will continue to provide an engaging and safe learning environment which will promote students to strive to do their best at all times.


READING: In Term 1, students will be reading different types of texts using 'within the text' strategies such as, monitoring and correcting, maintaining fluency, searching for and using information and summarising. Students will show their comprehension by using ‘beyond the text’  strategies such as predicting, synthesising, inferring, visualising, analysing and critiquing.

Our class novel is My Place by Nadia Wheatley. During the reading of this text, students will explore the history of Australia, family, settlers, multiculturalism, and the traditional owners of the land. 

Students should continue to read daily at home for at least twenty minutes and explore a variety of texts for enjoyment.


WRITING: Our focus through Term 1 is on sentences; simple, compound and complex, and how each play an important role within our writing. The students will be building upon their knowledge of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs, learning to choose words to enhance the meaning of their writing, as well as using present and future tense verbs correctly and consistently. We will be focusing on writing narratives, using different prompts and planners to organise our ideas, developing storylines, characters and settings whilst using our imaginations. We will be experimenting with the use of quotation marks within writing to show dialogue. Editing and proofreading will be a big focus where we will be learning about how to reread our own and others texts, making changes to improve sentence structure, punctuation and grammar.


NUMERACY: In Mathematics, our focus is on the following areas: place value, renaming and regrouping numbers and fractions and decimals (including money & financial maths). We will also be focusing on: creating and understanding maps, using scales, legends and directions and telling time to the minute and converting units of time. The Statistics focus is on data representation and interpretation. We encourage parents to support their children to understand maths by practising times tables and quick addition and subtraction facts and using maths in real life situations, for example, using small amounts of money at shops and working out change, using measurement when cooking etc.,. Students may like to practise skills by using their Mathletics account. A fun and engaging site for families to explore is the Victorian Maths Challenge found at https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/events/vmc/Pages/default.aspx

INQUIRY: Our topic for this term is focused on the curriculum area of Civics and Citizenship. The aims of the unit include - a lifelong sense of belonging and being an active and informed citizen, developing knowledge, understanding and appreciation of values and the basic structure of Australian government.

WELLBEING: In conjunction with our school values we will also be covering The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (RRRR) learning materials which explore topics of Social and Emotional Learning across all levels of primary education: Emotional Literacy; Personal Strengths; Positive Coping; Problem Solving; Stress Management and Help Seeking.  We will continue to develop  a Growth Mindset to promote a ‘can do’ attitude within students.

P.E: Students will participate in Cricket and Tennis units. Students will practice skills associated in each sport learning, building and refining their skills. Students will participate in modified games to help understand major game rules and game play. House Cross Country will also occur this term with students being selected for the District team.

SCIENCE: Students will investigate how heat can be produced in different ways and how it can be transferred from one object to another. They will conduct experiments to explore how heat moves, which materials conduct heat or insulate heat and will design their own experiment to demonstrate their understanding of this topic.

Visual Arts: Students will experiment and explore a variety of materials including paint, paper, clay and textiles.   They will have the opportunity to communicate and express their own ideas while participating in visual arts classes.

Art from different cultures will be included in the program so students develop a greater appreciation and understanding of others.

Focus will be on developing a range of skills and techniques as students work both independently and collaboratively.

In visual arts students can create visual representation that communicate and express their own ideas and creativity. They can then reflect, discuss, and share their knowledge and opinions with class members

Some special events we have this term are :-

11th February: Safer Internet Day

12th February: Family Fun Night 

9th March: Labor Day Holiday 

11th March: School Photos

13th March: Ride to School Day

19th March: House Cross Country  (weather permitting)

20th March: Harmony Day

20th March: Bullying No Way Day

25th March: St Johns First Aid 

27th March: Easter Hat Parade

27th March: Last Day of Term 1 

Our classrooms are open from 8:30am each morning for students to get themselves organised so learning time can start promptly at 8:45am. 

Please remember, “no hat no play” this term, and also bring a drink bottle, snack, lunch and fruit each day. 

Niambh O’Reilly M1                     Dakota Carter M3

Danae Maini M2                           Lynda Cameron M4

Rebecca Gilbert M2                     Leonie Heeley M5