Mission & Vision

We aim to provide the Kingsley Park Community with a welcoming and stimulating learning environment that engages students and encourages them to work to achieve their personal best in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation.



In 2017 the following FISO (Framework for Improving Student Outcomes) priorities were identified. 

Excellence in teaching and learning– Curriculum planning and assessment. Our specific actions were to; 

  • Improve student learning outcomes through the development of consistent approaches to assessment across the school and ensure planning documents are informed by accurate assessments for learning growth. 
  • Develop and embed a school culture based upon collaborative teamwork, that values professional reflection and learning, continuous improvement, high expectations and unity of purpose across all aspects of the Teaching & Learning programs.

Positive climate for learning– Empowering students and building school pride: Our specific goals were; 

  • To create a culture of connectedness across the school with the change to multiage classrooms and the introduction of buddy grades across the school. 
  • Plan and implement a shared approach to supporting the health, wellbeing, inclusion and engagement of all students through KidsMatter.

Community engagement in learning- Building communities: Our specific goals were;

  • Involve parents as partners more effectively into the school.
  • To improve home/school communications for parents to feel updated, involved  and more informed (Sentral, newsletter, website, FaceBook).
  • To further build on our wider Professional Learning Community with our network of schools.


Moving forward in to 2018, our FISO focus will be on; 

Building practice excellence – our key improvement strategies include deepen teacher knowledge of the curriculum standards and evidence based high impact teaching startegies to maximise the learning needs of all students and to improve data literacy to enhance teacher capacity to differentiate whilst increasing student agency and mutual accountability.

Empowering student and building school pride through developing and implementing a program that promotes social and emotional wellbeing and respectful relationships across the school. 

Our mission includes, working together in collaborative teams, monitoring and reviewing children’s progress and seeking and implementing strategies for continuous growth – together we make a difference.


Kingsley Park Primary School promotes itself as an “Established School with Modern Ideas, based on Traditional Values:”  

We value:


We respect each other, the rights of others and our environment.


We aim for every student to excel to their personal best.


We instil in students the confidence to have a go and try their best and the ability to bounce back.



We promote the values of collaboration, cooperation and getting along at all times.



We encourage honest and open community interaction and involvement



We never lose sight of the fun and enjoyment of learning.


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