Prep Zoo Excursion

  • Date
  • December 04,2018

  • Time
  • 08:45:am - 04:30:pm

The students are very excited about their big excursion. We will be leaving school at approximately 9:00am and returning to school at approximately 4:00pm.

We will send out a message on FlexiBuzz and Sentral on our way home for an accurate return time. Please ensure your child is at school by 8:30am so we can make sure we have everything organised and ready for a fun day!

We will be dismissing the children from the basketball courts near the hall so if you can please wait there at 4:00pm for pick up. Could you also please ensure that you have told your child’s teacher that you have collected your child before leaving so we can ensure all children have gone home safely.

What to bring on the day :

  • Snack, fruit, lunch and water in a small backpack
  • Full school uniform including hats
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A raincoat if the forecast indicates rain
  • Please make sure your child is wearing sunscreen as well

Thank you and we look forward to a great day!


Kate Cox & Bree Bacon