School Therapy Dog

At Kingsley Park we have a Therapy Dog, his name is Axe.  Axe visits once per week depending on availability and need. Axe has been with us for some time now and is well loved by many students, he is a German Shorthaired Pointer – or GSP for short.

Axe performs a number of duties around the school, he assists with getting anxious students in to class, he is there for a pat and calm down time as needs arise, he loves to sit and listen to stories and is in the yard at times for a pat and chat time. Axe is on call during those days for students who are finding it difficult to settle or who may have experienced some trauma in their home life.


We understand that animals, including dogs are not liked by all children and that some children are actually allergic to dogs.If your child has any allergies to dogs or is afraid of dogs, please let the school know so we can assist with ensuring a positive experience for your child.  If your child is scared of dogs, please make sure their teacher is aware so we introduce them to Axe slowly at their pace. Before meeting Axe, students are reminded of the need to be calm and quiet around him, to approach him from the front without running and to ask for a pat before reaching out. Axe is on his lead at all times and remains with Ms Gray as his handler. Axe wears his green Therapy Dog vest when on duty.

Although Axe is well trained, we do ask that other dogs are not brought into the school grounds during school times unless they are Assistant dogs of some kind and are wearing their vests. Dogs can cause other dogs to become unsettled. We also discuss with children the importance of never approaching an unknown dog, they should always ask the owner prior to patting their dog. At times we welcome other trained Therapy Dogs into the school who are known to us.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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