In order to use the Sentral App you must have registered and completed the process of activating the Sentral Portal account.

The App is a different account that you download and manage from the App store or Google Play. We recommend you use the same username and password to make your credentials as easy to remember as possible.


Once you have downloaded the “Sentral for Parents” App you need to create an account. We recommend you use the same credentials as your portal account as you need to “link” the accounts. This is down in the “my access” section of the Portal account.

The app account is activated by a link sent to you in a confirmation email. Click the link in the email and your app account will be activated.

Once your app is linked you can receive notifications sent out by the school in the form of alerts to your phone.

Parent Sentral Portal and App accounts video

Please watch this video to see how to set up your Parent Sentral Portal and App accounts.

https://vimeo.com/270556778 .




SENTRAL Parent Portal - General Information


All communication from the school will be sent out through the Parent Sentral Portal App. Using the Sentral App gives the school the ability to communicate information to each year level, small groups or individual families, at the school's discretion. It allows for private messaging between parents, students and teachers. Parents will have the ability to report future absences and notify the school of absences and further down the track, even book parent/teacher meeting times. Please ensure you have the Sentral App on your phone, device or computer and have created login details.

These two accounts are separate accounts and the Portal account must be set up by all users. The app account allows users to receive notifications on their device.


To register for a Sentral account click on the link on the Kingsley Park Website and follow the prompts. You will then receive an email notifying you when your account is active once approved by the school.

Once you have received an email to say your account is active, log into your portal account and click on my access and “+ Add new Access Key”.

You need to add the Access Key that is available from the front office. (This is case sensitive)

Your Portal Account is now linked and ready to go!