Update from the Principal to all Families

Hello Kingsley Families,

Wow, these are new and interesting times for us all. With the new Victorian Government restrictions announced we are sure many families will be impacted in many different ways.

More parents will be out of work or unable to attend their place of work and all children are now expected to work remotely from home. In the words of Premier Andrews, wherever possible, stay at home, only leave home for four reasons. We do understand the immense pressure this puts on families, please remember, 6 weeks of complete lock down means exactly that and if we all work together, we will hopefully come out the other side better for it with less risk to the health and safety of us all. 

It has been very disappointing to have a few children come onsite with stories of sleep overs and social catch-ups, we understand they still need to have family time however, please understand that this is risking the health and safety of your family, all other students attending onsite and our staff and then the families they go home to. If we are closed down due to an outbreak, which can take up to 10 days, we affect many families who need their children here so they can work and continue to, in most cases of our families, help maintain the health and safety of our community members through nursing, care and the Police and Defence forces.

The following guidelines now apply to On-Site Supervision. As we have now been placed in a State of Disaster and new guidelines become active as of midnight tomorrow night, we are required to follow these directives without question. Please do not put us into an uncomfortable position of having to ask for proof that all adults in the home are having to work. These restrictions are significantly different to the guidelines that were in place before recent announcements. With more announcements still coming each day, we ask that you remain patient and supportive so we can all work together to all do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy.

All students must learn from home with the following three exemptions only. These include:

- homes where all adults are required to attend their place of work and are unable to make arrangements for supervision at home or; vulnerable children, including:

 - children in out-of-home care

 - children deemed by Child Protection/DHHS and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm

 - children with a disability who also fall into one of the two above categories.

These mandates come into affect as of midnight Wednesday night. Children currently booked in to attend onsite learning for Wednesday will be accepted here at school. 

All bookings for Thursday and beyond are now cancelled and a form will need to be completed each week.


To book onsite attendance for students who meet the strict guidelines for this Thursday 6th August and Friday 7th August  please go to


Each form is for one child only.

A new form will be sent home each week given the changing landscape each week.

Please look out for the email with a link to the form each Tuesday. Forms close strictly at 2.30pm each Thursday. We require this time to organise sufficient supervision of students, to create class placements and to allocate classrooms for our students.

Some families have said these are going to their junkmail so please keep your eye out. If you do not complete the form by the closing day and time you will be required to source your own care for your child.

We need to have a minimum number of staff onsite each day to cater for the needs of students. A reminder that students who attend onsite complete the remote learning set by their teacher. Children onsite do not have their regular classroom teacher or education support staff member assisting, they will have a casual replacement teacher. As of Thursday, external support workers cannot attend onsite, these sessions will need to be organised to occur remotely with parents at home. The mandate remains that parents are not to come onsite also.

We understand that many parents are stressed from having their children at home for remote learning. Everyone is in the same boat and we are doing our best to cater to the needs of all. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for external services that are there to assist families. Please also remember, your child and families health matters above all else, that includes 6 weeks of education at the regular level that we provide. Allow yourself to do what works for your family without the added pressure and stress.

Please keep liaising with your classroom teacher to help students manage through this tough time. We are always here to support you wherever possible. Do what you can but most of all do what suits your families needs in regards to helping your child with their schooling.

We understand some families are struggling for food also. If you are in need, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we have the support of Food Bank to be able to deliver some packages of goods to families if required - contactless of course.

As always, we thank you for your support and understanding in what are very difficult times for all.

Keep on keeping on, stay strong and together we will be back and grateful for us all adhering to these unprecedented measures.

Kind regards

Gill Gray