Keeping Kingsley Kids Safe Day

On Friday 25th October, we are having a very first Keeping Kingsley Kids Safe day. This is a day designated to helping our students understand how they can best keep themselves safe including the signs to look out for.


Throughout the day students will take part in a rotation of activities discussing and learning about keeping themselves safe and who to turn to when they don’t feel safe.


Over the past 4 years we have completed a Day for Daniel focus with activities centred around the Daniel Morcombe Curriculum. This year we will continue with our focus but wont be doing our walk. We are using the time to have students complete a number of activities in cross-age groupings which we have used through the year. Each term, our students have enjoyed working with buddies across the school for Harmony Day activities, Book Week activities and Science Week activities, this term our focus is safety and having all students hear the same messages about; Keeping themselves safe, keeping our bodies safe and knowing the three Rs: Recognise, React and Report and Bullying No Way.


These activities will take place on Friday 25th October. The key learning outcomes for the day are: Teaching children about safe behaviours, how to navigate their way through unfamiliar or unsafe situations, listening to their own body cues and establishing a safety network of trusted adults.


Throughout the week we will have a focus on other aspects of safety including water safety and environmental safety. There will be updates in the newsletter and a KPTV session focussing on safety.


In the last two years, families have been invited and encouraged to join in this event, finishing with a lunch on the oval. As we have our 30th birthday celebrations coming up on Friday 15th November with our Colour Run and luncheon activities, we have decided not to do this on our Safety Day.


Cybersafety is a big issue for some of our students. We will have a focus on Cybersafety during November when we hold our annual Cybersafety night aimed at upskilling our Year 2 parents on why we have a bring Your Own iPad Program and the benefits of digital technologies as a regular part of learning.