District Swimming

Congratulations to the 9 students, listed below, who represented Kingsley Park Primary School at District Swimming Carnival on Friday 1st March. It was completely the opposite of last years weather which was horrible and cold. This years weather was very hot so swimmers were   happy to get into the pool for their races.

Charlotte W                             
Dana A                                      
Kai B 

Meg L                                         
Alannah F                                         
Sienna D      

Henry W                                     
Cate R                                      
Tamika M




All students had participated in a time trial selection from which their events were decided. The students participated to the best of their abilities in all of their events. Considering we were the smallest team to be swimming on the day.


We had some great results despite being a small team with Dana finishing 3rd in   Breaststroke, Tamika 3rd in Backstroke as well as 2 relay teams finishing 3rd. Unfortunately only 1st and 2nd place progress to Divisional Swimming.


Congratulations to the Charlotte and Henry who will represent Kingsley Park at the Divisional Swimming carnival at the Pines Pool on Wednesday 13th March. Both Charlotte and Henry finished 2nd in both of their Freestyle and Backstroke events.


Thank you to Kim Williams for coming and helping on the day as well as all the parents who came and showed their support for Kingsley Park Students. Big thanks you to Karen Russell who brought along some Icy Poles to help cool down.


All students should be proud of their achievements to make it to the level they did some had set year long goals to improve their swimming and times which is fantastic to see your future sport stars achieving them. Great work!