Birthday Book Initiative 2022

The Birthday Book program will continue in 2022.  This program has two aims; one is to celebrate children's birthdays with them and the other is to help increase our school resources with books that students wish to read and care about.

The program involves students or parents donating a favourite book of their choice to the school library on their child's birthday. This can be completed via making a parent contribution allocating funds to the 'Birthday Book Program' (where a suitable book will be selected by the school for your child) or by purchasing a book yourself and leaving it at the front office.

Presentation of the 'Birthday Book' is at assembly each fortnight, we sing happy birthday as a whole school to the students out the front being presented with their book. Students read their book with their class first and it is then returned to the library for others to borrow. Should you choose to purchase your own book, the book would need to be given to Ros at the office for cataloguing and covering in the two weeks prior to assembly so they are ready for presenting.

Hopefully this will give our students a voice in the choice of books found in the library and increase their enjoyment of reading whilst increasing our resources with some great books.

Students/families do not have to participate, this is completely their choice but we would love for you to jump on board and join in.

Please remember, the cut off date for presentation of books at assembly (which is held each fortnight) will be the Wednesday prior by 9am. This will allow sufficient time for the book to be covered and catalogued. Thank you

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